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It's a multicryptocurrency faucet where you can claim four different cryptocurrencies. These are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. Any claims will be held in your balances which you may decide to withdraw later.

Where can I withdraw my coins?

You can click on the withdraw button on the home page and select one of the four cryptocurrencies you would like to withdraw. Please note you need to reach the minimum withdrawal first. Upon reaching the minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw any coins to, PerfectMoney and Payeer. You must create an account there before requesting a withdraw.

Why Bitcoin balance is not updating?

Amount under 1 satoshi will be credited to your Micro-balance and when your micro-balance reaches at 1 satoshi amount will be transfer automatically to your standard bitcoin balance.

Withdraw to Perfect Money and payeer?

All withdrawals requests using Perfectmoney and payeer are converted to usd dollar on the current exchange rate

Deposit using Perfect Money and payeer?

All deposit using Perfectmoney and payeer are converted to selected coins on the current exchange rate

How much time will it take to process withdrawal?

Pending Withdrawals can take upto 7 days to process.

Why can't I register on the platform?

You might have used a trashmail address which is forbidden to use on the platform.

Why am I unable to claim coins?

Either someone within your network already claimed coins or you use a non-residential IP address. To make a claim, please use your residential IP address.

Why am I banned?

You got caught doing fraudulent activites, such as double-claims or using non-residential IP address. Please contact the support for more information.